VOODOOFLEX RGB is a full colour changing LED strip, using three primary colours Red, Green, & Blue LED diodes built into one 3in1 LED chip. This strip can create a multitude of mind boggling colours by mixing the three primary colours together. Available in IP20 for indoor use, and a high quality IP65 silicone jacketd verion for humid or wet area use. This strip requires the use of a colour controller to allow the selection of colours.


    Power Per/M: 14.4w

    Voltage: 24V DC

    CRI:   N/A (RGB)

    Lumens Per/M: 654 (RGB 100%)

    Beam angle:  120 º

    Colour:   RGB
    Dimensions: 100-5000(L)x10(W)x2.2(H)mm (IP20)

    Dimensions: 110-5010(L)x12(W)x4.2(H)mm (IP65)

    Cutting increment: 100mm

    Max length: 5000mm

    Ingress protection: IP20 & IP65 Silicone Jacket

    Warranty: 2 Years replacement warranty


    Order code:

    VF2-15-RGB-20 (IP20)

    VF2-15-RGB-65 (IP65)

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