FL2507 25x7mm Recessed
  • FL2507 25x7mm Recessed

    The FLUSH 2507 profile is an architectural grade compact LED profile measuring only 25mm wide by 7mm high. Designed for joinery/cabinet lighting where a concealed symmetrical light source is ideal. Extremely shallow mounting depth of only 5.4mm means this profile can be installed into almost any thickness shelf. High density LED design provides a homogenous “no dotting” smooth illumination, with CRI90 high colour rendition LED providing excellent colours true to their natural vibrant form. Recess mounted & glued into place for a sleek concealed design. Requires remotely located 24V control gear, available to suit all dimming protocols on request.

    Backed by a 3 year replacement warranty.


    Material: Aluminium / LED compound ICE diffuser.

    Fixing: Glue adhesive

    Width: 25mm

    Height: 7mm

    Max length: 2504mm

    Max LED power per/m: 15w

    Recomended LED: TINYFLEX GEN4 9.6W

    Compatible LED: White 4.8W/m , 9.6W/m, 14.4W/m (White), & 14.4W/m (RGB)

    Available colours: Anodised silver, Powder coat White Or Black. Other custom finishes on request.


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