RGB & RGBW LED strip wall controller

RGB & RGBW LED strip wall controller

Wall mounted LED colour controller, will control either RGB or RGBW LED's. Directly connected to the LED driver, this controller will control the colours via PWM dimming output without the need for any addtional control devices. The system can be expanded with addtional LED drivers, and the use of our LED repeater/boosters.

Load: 20Amps Max (5amps Max per Channel)

Input Voltage:   12-24V DC

Max Power: 240w @ 12V / 480w @24V

Dimming protocol:  PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)

Dimensions: 86(L)x86(W)x29.1(D)mm

Warranty: 2 Years replacement warranty

Order code:

AX-WP-1-PWM-WH (White)

AX-WP-1-PWM-BK (Black)

  • Data Sheet

    Please download the data sheet here.